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I'm New ! - What to expect

Whether you are brand new to eastern orthodox churches or have been around them for a while; 

we want to say, "Welcome"


  Our hope  at St. Mary's is to create an ambiance for you and and your family to connect with God meaningfully in the traditions of malankara syriac orthodox church.

Service starts at 8:30 AM each Sunday with Morning prayer. Holy Qurbana at 9:15 AM followed by message.

Dress code is formal and traditional Indian, although casuals that respect our cultural values and customs are welcome.

We serve a healthy brunch and unlimited coffee after service each Sunday, before breaking off to Sunday school and other small group activities. 

Church Facility

  • Over 420 seating capacity

  • 100 + parking area on premise

  • Easy access for wheel chairs

  • 3 fully ornate Bedkudisha

  • Fully upholstered comfortable benches

  • Separate Mens and Womens cry-rooms with glass view to sanctuary

  • Privacy room for nursing moms

  • Diaper change stations in both restrooms

  • Live Choir

  • 24/7 surveillance monitoring

  • Kinder to 12th Sunday school

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