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M G S O S A is an association comprises of all the Malankara Syrian Orthodox youth leagues across the North American archdiocese given the task of enhancing spiritual growth and developing a Christian character among the youth.

This organization will also enable interaction among the parishes and provide a voice that represents the youth in the diocese. Youth members are given the opportunity to actively participate in diocesan, regional, and local ministries. MGSOSA strives to contribute new ideas in order to incorporate activities that will reinforce the faith of the ancient Syrian Orthodox Church and instill a close relationship with God. MGSOSA enthusiastically embraces spirituality, fellowship, and unity, creating the foundation to guide this association into the future. We all hope and pray this association will grow and our youth in North America and Canada will unite to become a very strong unit in the Syrian Orthodox Church.

We MGSOSA youth wing in St.Mary's Church houston, have very active youth members in the unit. The members meet almost every week after the Holy Qurbano on Sundays. In addition to the regular prayer meetings, the Youth wing organizes monthly prayer meetings and Bible study sessions. Our unit also coordinates with the other units in organizing retreats and other activities. We are also very active at the Diocesan level. For more information about the Youth Association and its activities please contact the officials. We encourage you to become part of Youth Association

Our main aims and objectives are:-

  • The growth of the church through the progress of the Youth, their upliftment and better prospects.

  • To become a firm and reliable source of support in the activities of the church and become a significant part of its developmental activities and growth.

  • To organize Career Guidance Programs, VBS, Health Camps etc.

  • Assist Sunday school classes and its functions

  • Carrying out Charitable and relief activities

  • Active Participation in cottage prayer meeting activities

  • Help in organizing and conducting X’mas Carols in the Church localities

  • To be an integral part of the Church’s History

  • and much more....

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Recent Activities

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